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Productor, músic i RAPPER

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Dear heart,
I’ m a Bernie Brown a.k.a E.T.M.W.  from  "432 Project".

I am just another human from the Milky Way's Galaxy and I am currently living in my hometown Barcelona.  I am a musician, producer, vocalist and chef of 432Project.

We are looking for  economical help to continue creating music and expanding  our project. The main base of the 432 Project is solidarity with all refugees, and to expose the constant missing of human rights that our world is living in this present moment.  Also in solidarity to declare war and fight right now against global warming.

Also our  project  wants to change the  music history. How? Changing the tuning of our instruments according to all natural rules and patterns that have created our galaxy, our little world and our water.  The actual rules are the rules of Joesph Goebbels (Nazi Partei/SS).   I will let you know more about the meaning of this words.
We don't need and exact of money. Just give or share with us what you can.   
Music will be the first language to speak with our galactic brothers. And the only way to get peace and freedom all over the world. The road to end eternally problems like slavery, racism&homofobia, poverty, wars and the massive destruction that we are causing to our Mother Earth.  
 The 66% of the money  that we earn  will be used to solve all this problems. The 33% o will be for us the 432 Music Project .

I also want to say: 
The "western world" has been always so wrong... There are not different races of humans. We really think that all the intelligent people are really aware of that truth.We are all a mix of black and pink panthers and nobody is “fucking” white. 
At the end , we all share the same blood and we all become the same dust. We all just one race. The human race !!! 
Any human being must be a slave. The one that calls himself white and says that slavery was over is an idiot...It doesn’t exist a white skin and there are so many slaves in our days…And seems that the number is increasing. The great spirits are rulers of the universal consciousness among us and music is their way of communication in all galaxies and “universes”. I know sounds weird, “universes”. I’ve said that because nobody can proof that there’s only one.   
Salut i força a tothom !



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