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Productor, músic i RAPPER

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Date of birth: 30.8.83
Name: Bernat Ramon
Place of birth : Mora d’ Ebre
Actual location: Nou Barris (Barcelona)
Actual Project:  Discos Paradiso Crew
Artist Name: Bernie Brown ( ETMW ) a.k.a. MC Lenci
Job: MC, DJ , Musician, Producer, Writer, Martial Artist.
Instruments: Piano, synth, melodica, sax, didgeridoo, finger drumming, drum machines and turntables.
Music influences: Bob Marley, James Brown, the Supremes, George Clinton Screaming Jay Hawkins, Queen, Bobby Mc Ferrin,Sublime, Fat Boy Slim, Prodigy, Chemical Bros, Moby, Morcheeba, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Trentemoller, Venetian Snares, Mark One, Amon Tobin, Ricardo Villalobos, James Holden, Nathan Fake, Sleep Archive, Noisia, Consequence, Peshay, Max Romeo, Fela Cuti, John Coltrane, M. Davis, Charlie Parker, Mingus, W.Marsales, Louis Amstrong, Herbie Handcock , Chick Corea , Mobdeep, Notorius Big ,J Dilla, Pete Rock, A tribe called quest, Methodman, MF Doom, DJ Premier, Gangstarr(Guru),Inmortal technique, The roots, Sade, Flyng Lotus, Portishead, Grove Armada and many more…I am not so good with names.

I have started making my first Mixtapes in cassette the 1999. At that time I was finishing my first school. And of course I was the most crazy. I actually was a good student until I had 16 . When I was 16 I was a revolutionary I was extremely brave and anarchist. 

First GIG: Year 2000 I did my first concert in “la ruta de los elefantes” (Carrer Hospital)

after that I have expended de hole summer surfing and playing music in la Rotonda Beach Club, I was using with my first synth “the DJX” From Yamaha ( More a toy than a synth )
In "La Rotonda B.C."  I met DJ Sideral, Loop Navarro, J Rob, Ojos de Brujo, 7notas 7colores & Dive di Bosso, el txupet negre , dj Cad and many more.
It was a very nice place with very cool people from the Surf/Skate world. I really was really crazy a that time. I was able to play music for 10 hours. And I don’t understand how the people had the ears to support my kiddy synth and my ego.
The Rotonda’s people gave my my first name: Joe
In this place I have started also my first MCing. But I can guarantee you that I was talking crap. Not because the content of my lyrics. It was because my english was a crap. I was not a prodigy, I just was a normal Iberian kid trying to sing in English.
La rotonda was my first home: I really was living in the beach the hole summer. Surviving with Bocadillos and Maxibons (Ice creams)
The people were fantastic and I really was learning a lot of cool things  of music and surfing. Because I was the only kid. 17 years old.

After that, I was djing and playing my crap in el Camello. I

Then I ‘ve left home and go living in a squad house (Casa Ocupa)

Then I come back home !

Then go to Valh d’Aran and try to continue school with professional Studies. But at the end I was snowboarding and working in a Restaurant. I also was playing gigs.  Actually at that time I was playing in my First Rave Party in new year’s eve … the name of the party was Lunatik. The person that has invited me to play was Dj Loop Navarro.  The experience was amazing.

After my time in the Pirinean mountains I came back to Barcelona and I a came back to leave in the Rotonda beach Club.
The again to Pirineus to make more snowboard… and then surfing in the summer.
I was living the crazy live you know…
The on my 20s I was starting living the night life of Barcelona. And constantly going to jamsessions to sing or beatbox. Some clubs like Guinarecords,Jamboree, La Paloma, Apolo. I remember it like yesterday when I was beatboxing with DJ Q- Bert on the decks. Was a dream.
In la Paloma I was playing al thursdays with Pr.Angel Dust and DJ Kosmos.
I also was playing in clubs like Catwalk, City Hall, La Suite 27 and more places.
After that, I wanted to be a dj an I started visiting the vinyl stores.
My own first artist name was Mc Lencio. And I also started searching for a club to do my events and be the resident dj. Somebody was telling me about a hip hop party and I went to see the club.  
This club was XPressing Undrerground Club . There I started working everyday as a resident dj and mc. I also was doing my own jamsession with DJ Ricky Aka on the turntables.
I was working in XpressingUnderground for 3 years with Fernando the bar manager and main barman.
It was a fantastic time, sometimes with some struggle … But was very good.
Night life is hardcore, and Barcelona was killing me. The crisis started and at 2008 the situation was really bad and I have lost my faith with the system..
Then at 2009 I moved out to Orio in the Basque Country  a beach  village nearby Zarautz. I was not doing so many gigs there. But I was playing a lot of music at home. And also Skating a lot.  I had actually made  my first street gig in the streets of my village and the in San Sebastian/Donostia.

Then after one year I came back to Barcelona at 2010. At that time the crisis was really strong because we had a terrible right wing goverment in the city. At 2011 the situation was even worst and I was protesting against the goverment. 
So, I was living in plaça Catalunya for 2 weeks supporting the 15M  protest movement. Working there as sound engineer. I had the pleasure to play for Julian Marley in Plaça de Catalunya. We were doing the gigs with my Mackie of 16 chanel for 15000 people. It was one of this things that I will not forget.
 Anyway. Thanks to this event I was meeting a woman that offer me a job taking care of some horses in a landscape  near  Olot (Catalonia)  There I was working for 1 year and for religious reasons I left the place.
I am not religious but the house owner was extremely religious…I was not able to understand her views... because she was not respecting the religious thoughts of other people.
After that time in the mountains I decided to move out to Berlin.
I moved to Berlin the 7th of July of 2012. I was staying there In a Hostal until the day that I found a room.  After that room I was renting a gallery and Having My studio and living room in the underground. What the german people call it ”Keller”.
Then to be able to pay the rent I was renting the shop upstairs and it was an Art Gallery.
My first years in Berlin were really good. I had a german girlfriend, and I was starting playing gigs in Berlin. 
One of the good things of Berlin was that they have a lot of good musicians. People from all continents . The art scene of Berlin was so much better than the boring Barcelona.
I was attending to all kind of events. But specially Jam Sessions of Jazz. There is where I really was learning how to play in a jam session and when to stop.

The talent of Berlin was amazing, so I decided to start a new life there. New Life, New Name !!! Yo was not anymore MC Lencio. I have changed my name to Mazter Fly or Mazterfly.
 Berlin has a lot of good street musicians and I have decided to become one of them.
 In My first day  I have earned 35 euro in 2 hours. So, this was not bad for me. And then, Soon  I understood that If I would sell cds I would be able to make more money. Because the people  asked me: DO you have a cd???
In one of this JamSessions  I met Chanel Green the most amazing female rapper that I met in my hole life and I told her that I play beats and that we could busk toghether. Her answer was really cool.
So we have started to play together in the streets of Berlin and making a good money.
Also we was playing in clubs like Sysifos, Katzerholzig, Urban Spree or the mythical Teufelsberg. 
In my opinion, Teufelsberg it’s the most amazing place of Berlin city.
My first 4 years in Germany were really good. I had a girlfriend, I had a job with an amazing partner.
I was a musician , DJ , event sound engineer… Everything was good. But the I broke with my girlfriend and I had to expend my first winter alone. 
It was depressing and  I cried a lot. Berlin is a very sad city in winter time. All day look the same. The sky is always grey… And there is no life in the streets.
But I didn’t surrender and I was playing in the streets. I was making a good money but I must say that is very difficult to play in the cold.  One day I was playing the hole evening at 0 degrees. It was hard to have feeling in my fingers when I played the keys.
Then I have started working as bike messenger. In Berlin there are not so many days to play music in the winter. It rains a lot.
The when the summer was back I was working a lot with my music and Happy again. So in the summer I really was able to live from my street music. And I really liked to be a street musician than a club musician.
My most favourite place to play was MauerPark  the street musician meeting point of Berlin.
Chanel and I had  an amazing time together and I was able to learn a lot from this girl. Her rap was amazing and very soon I started to rap and sing with her. 
Our first song was Tell me Rasta .
 As I have said winters are hard in Berlin and many people get depressed. I was depressed  again and my partner Chanel was depressed and she had tremendous mental problems.
She had to leave Berlin and came back to her Hometown Daytona Beach. In our day Chanel is having serious problems with drugs a bad boyfriend and she has 3 kids. I would like to help her. But I don’t have the money.
Then at 2017 was the year that all my life was going down. I was not selling cds anyore. I was not making the same good money in the streets. I was not having so many gigs. And I just was working a lot of bike messenger.
The day that I really started to hate Germany was one day that I was getting involved in a fight because one man was grabbing a female by the aire and punching her on the face.  The crime was happening in the center of Berlin. 
The most nasty thing is that when this was happening nobody was doing nothing. Everybody was watching… I was the only one that told the guy to stop. I think that this is terrible.
The german police was coming 20 minutes later. I was a bit injured the girl had to go to a hospital. And me I was going home crying of rage against the fact and our society, How is possible that nobody was doing nothing.
This was the main reason that Kick me out Berlin… I could never look with the same eyes the german people after this facts.
Then I decide to comeback with my bike… I was getting a train from Berlin to Lausanne (Swiss) and then do the rest with my bike crossing the Alps It was crazy… But truly amazing. A lot of snow on the way and then wind. At the end the wind was very strong in South France.  About 150 km/h . So, I had to pick up the train again, was not possible to continue.
SO,  Hi there Catalonia ! I am back !

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